Destroy Excuses

I wanted to start the fitness blog with this topic f0r a reason: you start exercising not at a time when you walked to the gym. You start it when you set your mind right..

Long weekend, busy at work, too much going on, tired, not fit today, etc..
Just remember that you do it for yourself, your body, wellbeing and health. Learn to balance and try to find that 25th hour in your day for exercising.
Even a little progress each day adds up to big results

Would you work out for just yourself? Or are you looking for someones approval.

Are you same motivated to look good when you don’t see your crash? What drives you out of sofa to work out? Why are you sometimes lazier then normal?

I do believe that before setting up a work out plan, you gotta find a way how you will stick to it without external motivators.

This is one of the reasons for this blog..

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