Mindset & Loud Thoughts

When we are little, we are often told “choose your words carefully” or something like “think and then say”, etc. 

What a great piece of advice. I wish someone also said “choose your thoughts carefully”. Words are made of thoughts – if they are poisoned, guess what words you should expect coming out of your mouth? 

Keep an open mind – open to yourself and others. There are not always great things happening; happiness and things that makes peace in your mind are important. 
You can be beautiful, smart, educated, or have some sort of position in life. Does it really matter if you cannot transfer it into your thoughts..

Photoshoot with Victor Hawk

I like to watch people. I like to go for a walk and watch them, sit in a restaurant or cafe and watch them, watch them when they have mixed feelings or have to make important decisions in life. When they don’t realised they are watched, this is the best way to see their thoughts..

This is Loud Thoughts by Me. This is where you will see things about lifestyle, life hacks, tips and inspirational thoughts. Eventually, it will be extended to even bigger topics such as mentorship and leadership as well as some style blogging. This is where you can enjoy my most personal stories sometimes..