Dreams or Goals

The more you are trying to respond on what the Present is asking you for, the faster you will become the Past. The more proactive you are with uncertain Future, the more awesome is your Present.

To add on to my recent post on Instagram @angela_alina about #MindsetMatters. 

I love setting up goals and mark their deadlines. There is always something that can be achieved every week, every month, every year and so on. In reality, there is always something to achieve every day – I like to learn something new every day. 

A day without new piece of knowledge, self-development or discovery is a wasted day.

It might be hard for someone to start setting up certain goals. Age is not relevant, maturity level is. I have met young 17-18 year old students with so clear vision in life and mature mindset that made me think “what did I do in my late teens?”. I also met people in their early to mid-thirties that had no glue what they were doing and wanted to with their life. 

You start with self-realisation first. Who you are – create your own self profile. 

What are you doing for living? What inspires you? What hobbies do you have? What are you good at..

Probably write it down – be generous with words. Be kind to yourself – you are much better and capable than you think. 

Do not be afraid to make your writing paper looking like a complete mess – as long as you understand what’s written and can extract relevant and key words out of there.

If you don’t like writing it, do digital notes. If you don’t record it somehow, it is just dreaming, not self-realisation.

Take your time. It is not one-off process. You might need to come back to it several times. 

I like to suggest this idea in my blog exactly right now as people are meant to have more time for themselves, their families, self-development and anything that was pretty hard to fit in with our dynamic world.



When your self-realisation sheet is completed, try to picture it on your perspective future – where do you see it fit in your life moving forward? 

Make the picture really colourful – use the colours that #inspire you , use your colour scheme. 

Let’s bring to this blog an imaginary person. Renee is an aspiring young artist. She loves art, she is naturally born talented person. Being a creative person, she sometimes has chaotic decisions that are lack of strategy. It is still ok, however, Renee dreams to become a well-known artist and make creations for living. Being a very adaptable and flexible, she is ready to learn something that would take her to the new level, however, she is very distracted from her dream working in a retail shop. The job that she is doing is not super exciting, however, keeps her being on the top of paying her rent and bills. 

Let’s return back to the colourful picture you draw. You see yourself, you have a bit of a blurry idea who you want to be and what inspires you. Next step – draw like a tree looking picture – what you need to bring you to your dream. 

  • New knowledge
  • New job
  • New resource of motivation or hobby to adapt
  • New abilities 

I can keep this list going but you know these items better for yourself. Once you find out them – you can be more specific. Let’s return to Renee.

Renee wants to be an artist. She needs to be recognised. Hmmm maybe use of social media, some digital platforms. Maybe she should get an agent. Where does she get an extra motivation that keeps you going after your retail shift? 

After a number of thoughts and self-realisation, Renee realised – she needs more connections, she needs to bring more motivation and learn how to get exposure on digital media.

Draw a tree – what can be done? 

Renee analysed that her physical art is valuable but only when she becomes a well-known and well-established artist. What to do and how to sustain yourself before that? How about to draw her creations on digital world. More and more people are asking for graphic designers – Renee started a course in digital marketing and graphic design and opened her own business that also inspires her to create more and keep up with her artistic motivation. Evaluate for yourself what steps you need to do to reach out your goals. Make your dreams to be your goals.

Like I did…but it is for the next blog post.



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