The Whole New World of Races

Energy, vibe, carnival, overall spirit of races, fashion, events, celebrations, horses – it is a long list that I can keep on going.

Horse races is something that makes you thrilled and excited. One day you swim into this and your heart will be taken forever. 

I started to be interested in races because of my passion to fashion (honestly, races fashion is much more successful than many of fashion shows I have seen!), however, this industry has its own world that can be explored more and more. 

This topic is the freshest idea I got to include into my blog, however, I believe it deserves to have a separate link and place here due to its ongoing energy it gives to me and inspiration that is everywhere once you walk into the races gates… 

If you think about it, there is so much going on behind the scenes. It is a big events world. People see the  shiny cover of this; however, there is so much more involved and my goal is to explore this world and share in my blog. It is not just an area to include into routine – it is a lifestyle from now on..

The other difference with the races here is I would like to explore it as I go whereas with topics such as fitness and healthy dieting are something that I tested and based on my personal journey. 

Let’s see where this pathway will lead me..