This page is not about copying and pasting some of the fashion magazines like I have seen in many blogs.. it is much more:

Fashion is an instant language.

The way how and what you speak comes after the way how you look. Before you open your mouth, you have already visually introduced yourself without saying a word. I had a good mentor one day who said to me that the combination of three: brain, attitude and look is the best weapon a human being can possess..

Fashion is an art.

I am not an artist – I cannot draw. However, I can still create – I can draw some style on the canvas called “Fashion”. Nothing is more inspiring to start your day with some drawing..


Fashion is a lifestyle.

It reveals your attitude and your personality. When you chose your pathway to go alongside the fashion, the hardest part is to constantly dedicate a piece of YOU, your behaviour and silhouette into your lifestyle. Many things can go wrong here: people start following logos, are influenced by others’ judgements, have to go through critics and decide to lose their attitude to please someone’s expectations. I understand why Fashion turned some people against me, this is the price of refusing to meet useless expectations..

Fashion is a lesson.

Surprisingly, it makes you stronger. I have worked on fashion shows, runways, participated in comps and pageants, done photoshoots, etc. The industry is bitchy and doesn’t forgive. Many people (thankfully, not all!) are snobby there. In order to keep your attitude, not to turn into one of those and be different – you have to become strong.

Melbourne urban shoot @calvinKlein