#fitness Fitness Journey

Keep it Short And Simple

We all want to get back in shape quick, I want as I am very impatient person. Therefore, I could spend hours at the gym…did work but when you got full time work, part time work and your personal life as minimum, not counting events, you start to appreciate your 24 hours more than before. I stopped having too much time in life – I lost my shape. However, getting back to shape is not about work out 💪🏼 for hours, it’s about being smart about it. 

In order to get to shape, you don’t need long exhausting cardio workouts everyday; it is enough to have 45 minutes of weights to achieve the results. ✨ ~ Pick up something heavy (again, be smart). Put it down. Repeat few times. Differentiate it. You are done. ~ ✨

Love to workout because it feels good, not because you feel guilty. Enjoy everyday – and make it different. 
The goal here is not punish yourself for extra meal, not fit into someone’s standards, not being loved by someone. The goal here is to be happy and love what you do.

Actually, I would leave a special place and dedicate a separate blog to a guilty exercising. Based on my personal experience and observation, this is the second worst thing that can happen to you on your way to the healthy life

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