Just to start with..

That was a moment of when I was just over it all. When I felt, there was nothing common, usual to help me. I could exhaust myself with exercises and train even harder, but I couldn’t beat any stress. Fortunately, I got a good talking buddy at the place that made me sick. We were talking about wine…

This is how my “Follow my fitness journey” starts. I combined my experiences (not only in fitness but fashion, beauty, lifestyle and others) in my blog here to share goods and bads that I couldn’t find at the moment when I needed this wisdom and knowledge. 

I love sharing my passions too – you can find here some news from recent Horse Races, Japan, Fitness and training tips, and many others. 

Swing to my webpage, check the menu options and find something that you will find good for yourself regardless whatever you like. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, feel free to flick me a message – happy to chat!



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