Stay Hydrated 💦

For my blog I’ve been researching a lot about overeating (as we know, results consist from 80% nutrition and only 20% exercise)– mostly stress overeating as this is my personal problem. However, I found one more reason for it – dehydration. W

hen you are really hungry after a main meal – have a thought maybe it is because your body is dehydrated?

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Good findings to take on:
💦 Stick to a hydration schedule – make sure you drink enough water at different times of a day

💦 The more water you drink, the less room you have for consuming calories

💦 If you really feel like chewing something, think about food contained water I e 🥒 🍉 🎃

💦 Don’t forget to add on electrolytes as water reduces level of sodium which is one of your nutrition elements

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Tip #1 – Before you start workout

Setting up the goals upfront – this is something that will help you keep moving forward. 
The clearer and realistic you are, the better result you achieve, and better you feel. 

When you walk in to the gym or start your training, you need to understand what you are doing it for. What you want to achieve.

The most often goals that personal trainers hear from their clients are weight loss, body shape, toned body, become healthy, etc.

It is all realistic and achievable, however, there is more clarity needed. Let’s say, you want to lose weight. Great! – how much to do you want to lose? Well, maybe, like 5-10 kg. Ok, how can you measure it? What you mean?

All about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals up

This is where people who start their gym adventures without well-qualified personal trainer or proper supervision normally WALK AWAY and GIVE UP because they don’t see the results or even hurt themselves.

You want to lose weight. There is a check list for you:

#1 What’s your current weight? Make sure you scale in the morning before your breakfast or even liquid for the most accurate results. Check that the scales are working properly

#2 What’s your height? Ideally, your weight should be calculated as Height – 110 = Body weight for healthy functioning (+- 10)

#4 Understand your intensity. The more extra weight you have, the faster you will lose it at the beginning. You need to plan your exercise timetable every week.

#3 Create a nutrition proportion. This is where I can help you. Our bodies need three main macro nutrition elements such as Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein. The best proportion will be more protein lesser carbs and can be circulated around P.: 40%; F.: 30%; C.: 30%. Read my article here for Carb Cycle that can assist with nutrition proportion. As said ask me how to create a nutrition proportion or send me your body measurements and profile details and I can have a look at it.

There are many more factors involved to build successful pathway to achieve your goal(s), however, starting point should be setting up S.M.A.R.T. goals before even touching any piece of gym equipment




It is questionable..

I love coffee and drink a few cups of my favourite almond milk cappuccino every day. I stopped drinking normal cow milk (either skim or full cream milk) three years ago and my body said huge Thank You to me for reducing consumption of lactose which is only beneficial for you when you are growing toddler. It is a separate topic why lactose is not great for you in big amounts and shall be discussed in the blog. 
I went to one nice looking cafe as I assumed I would get my almond cap there.


When I said “アーモンドミルクカプチーノを一杯いただけますか
Āmondomirukukapuchīno o ippai itadakemasu ka” – (“Can I have almond milk cappuccino, please?”) to a barista, she looked at me like I was an alien. This happened in few different cafes as well. There is no coffee culture where you can pick almond, soy, macadamia milk, etc. I found one cafe with fat free milk cappuccino and it tasted horrible and too milky.. The only thing that could save me is little canned BOSS COFFEE – they have few different flavours, not too milky and very low in calories (less than 35 per can). Still not my Australian barista made almond cap.

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If you are very particular about “dietary friendly” coffee, better switch to Japanese Green Tea – it is healthy, super tasty, can be bought everywhere in Japan (from family mart to vending machines that are everywhere). My favourite brands are Oi Ocha and Umami. That way you will still get your dose of caffeine if you are addicted like me but in a much healthier way. ☕️☕️☕️

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A lesson from Japanese people

Think you stress away..🌸

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This is something that we all can learn from Japanese people. I am always amazed by their culture and vision of life. 
They know how to find something special in each day. The weekend has just gone – I went to one local park next to the apartment where we stay with the fam. I like to go there for one more reason apart from committing to my morning runs.. Japanese attitude to surroundings.

How long time ago did you stop to notice a beauty of a little yellow flower under one bush? When did you actually sat outside (your flat balcony doesn’t count) without a reason? Have you ever stopped to smell the nature around you – Sakura blooming, salty air next to a beach, etc.

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Maybe this is why Japanese people can handle stress much better than anyone else in the world. 
I like the idea of reducing the stress through mindfulness. How about to start your morning slowing down and enjoying something special about this particular morning – say, a flower that has just bloomed, instead of hurrying to your normal routine. New week tomorrow – good time to practice!

For this reason, one day I became a morning person and never regretted about it.. 🌸🌸🌸



Before the journey starts

When I say to someone that I actually do like airplanes and chill at airports, some people get confused or surprised. There is SO MUCH ENERGY in the air, mix of human feelings and emotions. I like to watch people: they run somewhere, drink coffee, laugh and cry – it makes me excited.! There is one more reason why I like to be in the sky. You have time for your inner self. 

I like to live unstoppable life: if you catch me at home, it’s a luck. Normally, I’ll be busy with my projects, work, modelling, meeting new people every week, enjoying my beach walks or runs, exercising – this list can be expanded more! 

Only in the air, I cannot keep it going (well, I just cannot leave the transport in the middle of flight, I guess 😂🤔). I can slow down there, relax with my glass of red and breathe. I can procrastinate about things around me; reflect on last few months; evaluate my current life direction and just rejuvenate my mind. 
It is my own way of meditation 🧘‍♀️ Do you have your own way of meditation/self-reflection? 🧘‍♀️✈️

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Keep it Short And Simple

We all want to get back in shape quick, I want as I am very impatient person. Therefore, I could spend hours at the gym…did work but when you got full time work, part time work and your personal life as minimum, not counting events, you start to appreciate your 24 hours more than before. I stopped having too much time in life – I lost my shape. However, getting back to shape is not about work out 💪🏼 for hours, it’s about being smart about it. 

In order to get to shape, you don’t need long exhausting cardio workouts everyday; it is enough to have 45 minutes of weights to achieve the results. ✨ ~ Pick up something heavy (again, be smart). Put it down. Repeat few times. Differentiate it. You are done. ~ ✨

Love to workout because it feels good, not because you feel guilty. Enjoy everyday – and make it different. 
The goal here is not punish yourself for extra meal, not fit into someone’s standards, not being loved by someone. The goal here is to be happy and love what you do.

Actually, I would leave a special place and dedicate a separate blog to a guilty exercising. Based on my personal experience and observation, this is the second worst thing that can happen to you on your way to the healthy life


Destroy Excuses

I wanted to start the fitness blog with this topic f0r a reason: you start exercising not at a time when you walked to the gym. You start it when you set your mind right..

Long weekend, busy at work, too much going on, tired, not fit today, etc..
Just remember that you do it for yourself, your body, wellbeing and health. Learn to balance and try to find that 25th hour in your day for exercising.
Even a little progress each day adds up to big results

Would you work out for just yourself? Or are you looking for someones approval.

Are you same motivated to look good when you don’t see your crash? What drives you out of sofa to work out? Why are you sometimes lazier then normal?

I do believe that before setting up a work out plan, you gotta find a way how you will stick to it without external motivators.

This is one of the reasons for this blog..


Just to start with..

That was a moment of when I was just over it all. When I felt, there was nothing common, usual to help me. I could exhaust myself with exercises and train even harder, but I couldn’t beat any stress. Fortunately, I got a good talking buddy at the place that made me sick. We were talking about wine…

This is how my “Follow my fitness journey” starts. I combined my experiences (not only in fitness but fashion, beauty, lifestyle and others) in my blog here to share goods and bads that I couldn’t find at the moment when I needed this wisdom and knowledge. 

I love sharing my passions too – you can find here some news from recent Horse Races, Japan, Fitness and training tips, and many others. 

Swing to my webpage, check the menu options and find something that you will find good for yourself regardless whatever you like. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, feel free to flick me a message – happy to chat!