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“Win the morning, Win the day”

Boxing will always remain one of my favourite cardio-strength exercise

To keep this conversation useful and structured, I put the elements of my morning habit in the below:

  • Mind first – there is no rush to get up and start your day before you wake you mind up. As to me, I sometimes see dreams. They are important for me because I am that person that can see the dreams with events that appear in my life or can appear in the future. I see the dreams that can warn me about something, etc. When I see a dream, I will make sure I put it somewhere in my mind so I will remember to analyse it (just saying I am not a witch haha). Sometimes you need these 2 minutes to set your mind up.
  • Exercise – I was talking about HIIT before…it doesn’t have to be the one. Sometimes even long distance walk, jog or yoga, core movements are good enough. Whatever suits your lifestyle and training plan. My biggest energy level is in the morning, therefore, I prefer to do HIIT when I can.
  • Eat your breakfast – plan your morning that way that you actually have at least decent 15-20 minutes to just sit on a balcony or comfy chair with your delicious breakfast and aromatic coffee and indulge the taste. It is hard for me sometimes as I can overstay at the gym and then rushing around getting ready for work. Fortunately, I have very flexible work arrangements, however, sometimes I just need to be more realistic with the time I allocate in the morning. 

One day I was barely moving in the morning. Back at uni times, if I didn’t need to be there before midday, I would probably sleep till 11:00am… Now If I don’t need to be at work before midday, I manage to do SOOOOO much in the morning. Comparing this, makes me think how much one person can achieve when they discover those ‘hidden’ hours a day. 

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