Stay Hydrated 💦

For my blog I’ve been researching a lot about overeating (as we know, results consist from 80% nutrition and only 20% exercise)– mostly stress overeating as this is my personal problem. However, I found one more reason for it – dehydration. W

hen you are really hungry after a main meal – have a thought maybe it is because your body is dehydrated?

Manly Photoshoot

Good findings to take on:
💦 Stick to a hydration schedule – make sure you drink enough water at different times of a day

💦 The more water you drink, the less room you have for consuming calories

💦 If you really feel like chewing something, think about food contained water I e 🥒 🍉 🎃

💦 Don’t forget to add on electrolytes as water reduces level of sodium which is one of your nutrition elements

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